Happy New Year 2024!

by Dec 29, 2023


Happy New Year

By Marshall Krupp, Certified EOS Implementer

In collaboration with Aleksandr Dolia, Executive Assistant

On behalf of Marshall Krupp, your EOS® Implementer, Aleksandr Dolia, Executive Assistant to Marshall Krupp, and Sibyl Cañete, Philippines Assistant to Marshall Krupp, we extend our warmest wishes for a joyous and prosperous 2024.

As we bid farewell to the memorable year of 2023 on December 31st, embracing the celebrations and reflections that come with it, we also eagerly welcome the dawn of January 1, 2024. This new beginning and continuum mark not just another year but a renewed opportunity to enhance our focus and dedication as we continue our journey towards greater success.

May this New Year bring you renewed energy, fresh perspectives, and abundant opportunities to achieve all your goals. Here’s to a year filled with success, happiness, and prosperity.




                                               Happy New Year 2024!

   Here’s To New Year 2024!

     by Marshall Krupp, Certified EOS® Implementer

To the year 2023, we bid adieu,
With a laugh, a grin, and a cheer or two.
In the world of business, oh, how we soared,
With EOS® at the helm, never once bored.

We juggled numbers, strategies, and charts,
Mastered the art with all our hearts.
Persistence? We had it in spades, my friend,
Commitment and hard work, right to the end.

Our successes, oh, they were quite grand,
In boardrooms and markets, we took a stand.
Personal victories, too, were not few,
From early wins to dreams come true.

Now let’s raise a glass to 2024,
With high hopes and ambitions galore.
Five resolutions we declare with glee,
For a coming year as bright as can be.

First, to innovation, we’ll tip our hat,
Thinking outside the box, combatting the flat.
We’ll brainstorm, we’ll dream, we’ll dare to disrupt,
In the entrepreneurial business world, we’ll erupt!

Second, we pledge to balance and poise,
Work and life, both joys and noise.
We’ll hustle, yes, but also rest,
To ensure we’re always at our best.

Third, a vow to network and expand,
Building bridges across the land.
Connections galore, partnerships strong,
In the business world, where we belong.

Fourth, we commit to learning anew,
Skills and insights, fresh as morning dew.
From podcasts to seminars, knowledge we’ll hoard,
Forever students, forever adored.

And fifth, let’s not forget to have fun,
In between deals and the work that’s done.
Let’s laugh and celebrate, come what may,
In our entrepreneurial, EOS®-guided way.

Now, resolute we step into 2024,
Let’s cherish what further matters, more than ever before.
For in the hustle of business and entrepreneurial quests,
Lies the heart of our journey, in family and employees, we’re truly blessed.

In the glow of our families, so warm and so bright,
Lies the strength and the comfort that guides us through night.
They’re our cheerleaders, our haven, in each trial and feat,
Their love and support, making every success sweet.

And our employees, oh, they’re more than just staff,
They’re the backbone, the spirit, they’re our better half.
With their dedication and talent, they stand tall and proud,
Together, we’ve weathered every stormy cloud.

So, here’s to our families, our sanctuary, our light,
In their laughter and love, our worlds become right.
They’re the reason we strive, to do what we do,
In each step of our journey, they’re our constant, our true.

And here’s to our employees, with their endless zest,
Their ideas, their passion, are truly the best.
They’re not just workers, but part of our extended clan,
Together, building dreams, that’s the aligned plan.

As 2024 unfolds, let’s make a vow,
To appreciate our families and employees, and how!
For they’re the gems in our lives, so precious, so rare,
In the story of success, they’re the central affair.

So, cheers to 2024, let’s continue to make it shine,
With these resolutions and blessings, we’ll do just fine.
Here’s to success, laughter, and more,
In this grand entrepreneurial lore of 2024!

Happy New Year!

If you have any questions or would like to continue this discussion further, please contact us at alex.dolia1@eosworldwide.com or go to our website at www.peerexecutiveboards.com and contact us virtually. We will be happy to get back to you!

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EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® takes entrepreneur businesses on a journey of mastery of the EOS tools which enables businesses to elevate their leadership teams to make better decisions, maintain a level of accountability, at attain greater success more simplistically.  The components of EOS® are Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction, which when used effectively attains a healthier organization with greater success.  Marshall Krupp is a recognized Certified EOS® Implementer serving clients through the nation.  He is also a national speaker, a past award-winning Vistage Worldwide Chair, and a past career of providing crisis management strategic advisors service to businesses, governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations.   Review more at www.peerexecutiveboards.com and at www.eosworldwide.com/marshall-krupp.  Review the YouTube video… https://youtu.be/NNyY7k8uXLE.


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