Learn more about Peer Executive Boards.


Learn more about Peer Executive Boards.

“In order to step out-of-the-box, one has to think out-of-the-box. In order the think out-of-the-box, one has to recognize that they are in the box they created. That recognition is the real key choice which leads to success.”


Empowering others to be greater than they ever thought they could be through the intimacy of coaching, mentoring, and challenge.


Trust. Accountability. Challenge. Empowerment. Value.

Marshall Krupp

Marshall Krupp

Personal and Executive Coach, Group Facilitator, Speaker and Professional Advisor

There is no greater joy than sharing in the success of others.  The journey of coaching business owners and executives to achieve the highest levels of success is what truly drives Marshall Krupp, a passionate visionary who challenges and inspires leading professionals.





Marshall is a motivational and inspirational speaker; presenting to mastermind groups, business groups, and leadership groups, and local and national businesses and organizations. Topics like team building and development, accountability, consensus building, team collaboration, strategic planning, and personality, emotional intelligence, and leadership assessment technology can be provided. Marshall travels nationally and provides a unique perspective on the execution of visions, goals, and strategies by teams and organizations. He additionally speaks, trains, and coaches teams and individuals on the use and implementation of modern assessment tools, and the methods and the metrics for business growth. If you are interested in gaining new tools and techniques, establishing processes and procedures, and motivating and inspiring your team members and organization, contact us to hire Marshall as a keynote speaker directly through The Coaching Symposium.


“In order to step out-of-the-box, one has to think out-of-the-box. In order to think out-of-the-box, one has to recognize that they are in the box they created. That recognition is the real key choice which leads to success.”

Marshall Krupp is a motivational speaker, trained group facilitator, and a highly sought after personal and business coach for high performing career minded individuals, entrepreneurs and executives in Southern California. Marshall leads several local and national face-to-face and virtual peer advisory groups with a high level of insight, experience, and success. These groups focus on offering tools, techniques, mentoring and support that leads to better results and greater personal and professional success.

Marshall is a trained Implementer with EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) and provides training and implementation of the use of Traction® Tools Software for EOS®. Through the use of the EOS® simple concepts and practical tools, Marshall guides entrepreneurs, executives and leadership teams, and entire organizations to attain full potential, to become crystal clear on their Vision, much more disciplined and accountable in execution, gaining consistent Traction®, and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive teams.

Marshall is an authorized partner and certified trainer of Everything DiSC® Workplace and Everything DiSC® Agile EQ and a facilitator, coach, and trainer of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ training model based on the #1 International Bestseller “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni. Additionally, Marshall Krupp is a certified trainer for PXT Select, a pre-employment hiring assessment tool.

Marshall challenges C-level executives and professional practice trusted advisors and entrepreneurs to pivot their thinking and lead differently. He is selective and works with an exclusive group of lifelong learners and thought leaders seeking to acquire greater knowledge and skills to grow and build their businesses and their personal lives.

Marshall has a 45-year successful career as a strategic advisor and coach to executives and management teams of private businesses, public agencies, and non-profit organizations offering management and leadership consultation focused on
a variety of topics such as strategic planning, decision-making, conflict resolution, accountability and performance, culture creation, key performance indicator, public relations, business development, sales and marketing, financial planning, personal and personnel motivation, and business transformations.

Marshall has overseen over $3 billion in client assets and has guided business development and strategic planning for over 1,000 enterprises.


• President/CEO of Peer Executive Boards, a service of The Coaching Symposium LLC – business and personal coaching and mentorship on personal, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional levels to address challenges and issues that constrain individuals, executives, and organizations. Through face-to-face group and virtual meetings and intimate discussions, clients experience a path of personal and professional growth and insights focused on attaining greater success in their personal and professional lives.

• Implementer of EOS®, Entrepreneurial Operating System® – Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System simple concepts and practical tools to elevate the performance of entrepreneurs, their leaderships teams, and their organizations to attain a crystal clear Vision, more disciplined and accountable in executing the Vision, gaining consistent Traction®, and advancing as healthy, functional, cohesive teams and organizations.

• Chair/Coach/Facilitator of Vistage Worldwide, Inc. CEO Peer Advisory Groups – Southern California – supported CEOs, business owners and senior executives to become better leaders, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve better results. Recognized for excellence as Vistage Rookie of the Year 2013, Chair Excellence Award 2018 and 2019, and Master Chair Award 2018 and 2019.

• President/CEO of Community Systems Associates, Inc. and CSA Strategies – dedicated to providing private enterprises, public agencies, and non-profit institutional clients with the highest level of implementation of strategic and crises management advisory services to attain the mission, goals, and core values of its clients and to address problem-solving and decision-making challenges.

• President/CEO of WorldSolarTec, Inc. – intermediary services associated with formulating public/private partnerships between public agencies and the solar community in the implementation of cost-reducing solar renewable energy projects, primarily for large scale public agencies.

• Director of Community Development Services of Willdan Engineering – direction of public/private engineering services with a focus on land use, real estate, community development, and redevelopment.

• Community Development Director of City of Fullerton – direction of the City’s $500 million redevelopment and housing development program.

• Community Development and Special Projects Manager for City of Cerritos – responsible for the creating the community development and redevelopment of the City of Cerritos, including the development of Cerritos Auto Square, resulting in one of the most successful conversion of an dairy community into a self-sustaining residential, commercial, industrial and entertainment community of Los Angeles County.


• Master of Public Administration – University of Southern California
• Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning – California State Polytechnic University at Pomona
• Legal Coursework – Western State School of Law, Fullerton California
• Graduate Certificate in Environmental Quality Management – University of Southern California


We make thousands of decisions each and every day. As an executive, your decisions matter. One wrong choice could be fatal. With the high stress of your critical business decisions looming over you, who do you turn to for support, advice, and insights?

Peer Executive Boards provide executive and team coaching along with assessment training you and your team need to grow and prosper as individuals and as a company. Our coaching gives you and your team the courage to face opportunities and issues head-on while ensuring positive outcomes every time through proprietary issue-processing exercises. Peer Executive Boards connect you to a group of non-competing peers, so you can exchange ideas, partner, and learn from another. Now, instead of making critical business decisions blindly, Peer Executive Boards provide you and your team with the support, advice, insights, and clarity to make the critical decisions that will improve the health, culture, and success of your business.


The Coaching Symposium helps create high-performance leaders and successful individuals by providing the right tools, coaching, and mentorship to put your life’s puzzle pieces together.

The Coaching Symposium has the professional and technical skill-set to provide personal and team empowerment coaching that meet the changing lifestyles of its clients. In addition, it provides executive and business coaching that enable clients to restructure and redirect resources, plans, and operations to better serve them in a changing business environment. Most importantly, it provides the coaching, mentorship, and support for clients who face crisis situations such as mediation and dispute resolution, crisis management, and intervention. This symposium specializes in creating and producing services tailored to each individual’s needs.

Professionally Facilitated Peer Private executive Boards

Peer Executive Boards help CEOs, business owners, C-Level senior executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders become the best that they can in the business world and ultimately achieve better results by providing a safe and stimulating haven with support from like-minded peer leaders. Executives meet together in a peer executive mastermind group every month and additionally receive face-to-face private coaching. Each time the group meets, the guiding principle is to help one another elevate their personal and professional growth so that they can become greater leaders focused on success in their endeavors on a personal and professional level.

Group mastermind meetings focus on a variety of topics such as strategic planning, decision-making, conflict resolution, accountability and performance, culture creation, key performance indicator, public relations, business development, sales and marketing, financial planning, personal, professional and personal motivation, and business transformation. Along with the groups and focused topics, Marshall Krupp serves as the skilled meeting host, facilitator, and advisor of his peer executive boards as a trained group facilitator and motivator.

“Empowering greatness and success”


greatness and success”


Phone: 714.838.9900

Email: info@peerexecutiveboards.com

Peer Executive Boards, through The Coaching Symposium, the empowerment of Marshall Krupp and his community of trusted advisors and peers provides the coaching and assessment training needed to help individuals, and ultimately companies, drive outstanding results. Reach out today and discover how to face challenges and tackle the opportunities in a community of peers.


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