by Sep 10, 2018

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There are so many obstacles and challenges in today’s business and personal worlds. From employee and HR challenges to culture shifts to employment law changes to cashflow to finding the right person to be on the team, business professionals are overwhelmed with the daily struggles of business. And, on a personal scale we are challenged by the inter-personal relationships of our lives and the experience that we face daily.  Fortunately, there are resources that teach us how to mitigate these life and business growth “challenges” and transform them into “opportunities.”

So, what is coaching?  What is mentoring?  What is an advisor?  What do I need?  Coaching is a process between an individual with experiences and knowledge and a person who seeks that knowledge to achieve a specify personal or professional goal through the training and guidance offered.  The strongest of coaching comes from “challenging” one to widen their perspectives and be open to the possibility of different and new opportunities.  Mentoring is the process of “guiding” a less experienced or knowledgeable person on a path of wisdom.  Advisors provide personal, professional or institutional opinions, belief systems, values, recommendations or guidance about certain situations relayed in some context to another person or group, often offered as a guide and call to action and/or conduct.

These processes all lead to offering opportunities to change our beliefs, behaviors and actions to attain greater success and joy in our lives and careers.  Life is a journey of twists and turns, all directed forward to a time into the future.  We can end up at a dead end anywhere along that route.  Those who are “lifelong learners” challenge themselves to find the way out, to steam roll over the walls and hurdles, and to turn dead ends into bridges.  We read, we attend workshops, we explore the opportunities with conversation, and we seek out coaches, mentors and advisors to guide us though processes and who challenge us to think, behave and act differently with the goal to elevate our performance, our personal relationships, our mental and physical well-being, and our life’s successes.

“Transformational” growth comes from the lifelong learning we prioritize in our lives.  Its is a metamorphosis of ourselves.  Unfortunately, the uncomfortableness of the process usually leads to us deferring and delaying surrendering to the process until we finally experience the pain of the deepest depth of our fears and realties.  It is in those moments of despair, that we reach out for a hand and guide to enables us to transcend that depth.  Whether it is transcending the failure of a business or a career, the challenges of relationships, the deterioration of our mental or physical self-being, the defeat of our desires, or the collapse of the clarity of our future, coaching with a visionary guide can open our eyes to a future that seem so far way and in the distant future, so as to bring it into the reality of the moment.

Do we have to go to the depth of the pain to rise from the ashes or is there a better way?  With the knowledge that we are “perfectly imperfect”, we can circumvent some of that pain with the right coach, mentor and advisor.  However, this can only be attained with the first step… “choice”.  “I choose to transform!”

Peer Executive Boards through The Coaching Symposium and Vistage can provide the coaching, training, and mentorship needed to strategically grow your business, turn life’s challenges into life opportunities, and improve your quality of life.


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