Issues Are Opportunities…All About Mindset

by Nov 28, 2022

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Issues Are Opportunities…It Is All About Mindset!

By Marshall Krupp, Certified EOS Implementer

In collaboration with Ashley Berecz, Client Relations Manager

Everyday we are faced with challenges which may block our ability to gain what we want.  When these problems arise, we are forced to make decisions to enable us to pass through them.  Unfortunately, many of us feel the pressure and view this as a negative instead of seeing them as opportunities. Yes, opportunities that can lead to success, a better life, a more successful business, and greater rewards.  If you can simply believe this mantra, then all of the negatives surrounding the words can be overcome.
An issue is “an important topic or problem for debate or discussion”.  A problem is “a harmful and unwelcome matter or situation that needs to be dealt with.” And a challenge is “a demanding task or situation”. Each of these can be viewed from a negative or positive perspective. Each can become barriers to attaining a goal or a desired outcome. When viewed negatively, it can create anxiety, fear, illogical thinking, and depression. When viewed as a positive, it can create opportunity and lead to fulfillment, inspiration, and motivation.
Issue implies that there is a debate or controversy.  Problem does not specifically indicate debate or controversy.  Issues are dealt with.  Problems are solved. How we react to issues, problems and challenges is all a matter of choice and our own internal decision-making process. Unfortunately (and fortunately), human beings have a brain that remembers the past.  It remembers our past experiences, our past learnings, and the past direction provided by others.  It remembers our past reactions and are past feelings when we experienced something that did not feel well or go well.  And these memories are filed away in our brains. When similar situations are experienced years later, the files in our brains open up and the reactions and feelings of the past are again exposed as a result of our memories.  They show up in the same way that they showed up in our past earlier years. The good news is that we can rescript these memories by being conscious to how we are feeling and reacting.
To address this, we may need to acknowledge that this is a matter of “mindset”.  We can override our past reactions and feeling with a positive or opportunistic mindset, or we can allow our brain gremlins to dictate the current reactions. How else can we override the past reactions and feeling that today do not seem to work or us?  We know that life is a journey of learning. Yes, it is!  Life is  a never-ending opportunity to rescript our minds and in doing so, experience new reactions and feeling that override the unknowledgeable ones.
So now let’s put this into perspective.  At some early point in time, you begin a career.  Along the path you gained knowledge that enabled you to be successful.  Also along the way, you experience problems, issues and challenges, and through execution of the knowledge that you had, you overcame and learned from them.  The result is that you are even more successful today because you had a positive opportunistic approach… mindset!
Only 16 years ago EOS® or the Entrepreneurial Operating System was brought to the business world.  In that short period of time, it has guided entrepreneurs of small to medium size businesses to change how they address problems, issues and challenges. 
The simple, practical, time tested, proven tools have enabled Executives and Leadership Teams of every type of product and service business to elevate their success. More importantly it has enabled these same professionals to rescript their brains and execute from a greater place of knowledge, enabling them to overcome the negative perspectives of problems, issues and challenges and come from a place of optimistic and opportunistic execution. The files in their minds have been filled (rescripted) with new messages that enable these professionals to step through each problem, issues and challenge by getting to the root cause and executing on solutions.
It is simply a new way of thinking and acting!  It is a new mindset! It is making the choice to replace that which is not working with that which will work.
The question for you to ask yourself is, “Am I living and conducting my business from a mindset of out-of-date files that is based on my past or am I ‘choosing’ to rescript those archaic messages and replace those files with new knowledge and understanding that can result in more effective, efficient and productive decision-making and choices.” Only you have the answer. Only you can make the choice to rescript!
If you have any questions or would like to continue this discussion further, please contact us at or go to our website at and contact us virtually.  We will be happy to get back to you!
EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® takes entrepreneur businesses on a journey of mastery of the EOS tools which enables businesses to elevate their leadership teams to make better decisions, maintain a level of accountability, at attain greater success more simplistically.  The components of EOS® are Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction, which when used effectively attains a healthier organization with greater success.  Marshall Krupp is a recognized Certified EOS® Implementer serving clients through the nation.  He is also a national speaker, a past award-winning Vistage Worldwide Chair, and a past career of providing crisis management strategic advisors service to businesses, governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations.   Review more at  and at 


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